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Registering and Logging In

Registering for participation in Network Verification Challenge (NVC) is required to access full functionality of the interface.
This tutorial outlines the steps necessary to complete a new-user registration.

Click on "Log In"

You will automatically be redirected to the login page on

Click on "Register"

Complete Registration Form

Accept Terms & Conditions to Create New Account

Confirm Account Creation via E-mail

Verify new account creation using e-mail link.
[Optional: Share your participation in the Challenge via multiple social media outlets]

Navigate to NVC Portal ( And Log In

You will be automatically redirected to the login page.

Enter your Log In Information

Enter login credentials and click "Log in"

NVC Header Is Updated To Indicate User Is Logged In

Updated NVC header displays user name and a concise summary of total points & badges earned.

Optional: Resetting Forgotten Password

Navigate to the sbv IMPROVER website ( First select "Login" from the header menu, followed by "Forgot your password?"

Optional: Resetting Forgotten Password

Enter registered e-mail address and link will be provided to choose a new login password.