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Five Step Quick Start Tutorial

Log In to NVC Website

Click "Log in" from the page header.

Search For Network Of Interest

User may enter any text string to search within network name and description; search also encompasses the list of nodes (genes/proteins) found within a network. Search terms may range from broad biological concepts (e.g. macrophage) to specific molecular entities (e.g. IL-8).

Vote on Evidence Using the "Evidence Detail" Panel

  1. Selecting an edge highlights only that relationship from the network and opens up 'Selected Edge' panel on the right.
  2. Selecting an Evidence that is unlocked (see the padlock icon) will open up the Evidence Detail panel on the top (the number of Approve and Reject votes are visible as the green and red 0 respectively next to the padlock icon)
  3. Selecting the Approve or Reject button will open up a short questionaire to provide rationale for choice.

If Necessary, Add New Evidence Using the "Evidence Detail" Panel

You must fill out the PubmedID, Species and Summary Text fields in order to be able to save the Evidence.

The Community Activity Portal Provides a Summary of All Network Activities

Acitivity panel indicates recent actions taken among all networks.