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Quick Start Tutorial

Log In to NVC Website

Click "Log in" from the page header.

Search For Network Of Interest

Click on "Networks" tab to go to the search page.

  1. You may enter any text string to search within network name and description; search also encompasses the list of nodes (genes/proteins) found within a network. Search terms may range from broad biological concepts (e.g. macrophage) to specific molecular entities (e.g. IL-8).
  2. The number of matching networks returned by the query is indicated.
  3. Click on the network name to go to the network viewer where you can view/vote on, and modify evidences.
  4. The network description is given to get a general idea of the pathways/biological processed represented in the network.
  5. The network boundaries are given to understand the context of the network.
  6. Statistics on network views, votes, additions are given.
  7. Scroll to see more results.

Explore the Network in Network Viewer

  1. By default, the full network is shown on the screen without labels.
  2. You can show/hide labels by clicking on "Labels".
  3. You can show/hide the number of evidences accepted and total number of evidences per edge by cliking on "Evidence".
  4. By default, the legend is displayed, you can close it once you are comfortable with the symbols to gain space.
  5. You can zoom in and out of the entwork either by scrolling the mouse, or with the bar on the left hand side.
  6. You can display the list of nodes or edges by cliking on "Nodes" and "Edges", respectively.
  7. You can drag nodes to reorganize the structure of the network. Selecting nodes will show its and its neighbors labels, and fade out the other nodes.
  8. After dragging nodes, you can click on "Refresh" to let the automatic layout rearrange the nodes you did not touch to ease readability.
  9. To show all nodes, click on "Show all".
  10. To show the network description and boundary definition, click on "Details".
  11. To make and view comments, click on "Comments".

Vote on Evidence Using the "Evidence Detail" Panel

  1. Selecting an edge highlights only that relationship from the network and opens up 'Selected Edge' panel on the right.
  2. Selecting an Evidence that is unlocked (see the padlock icon) will open up the Evidence Detail panel on the top (the number of Approve and Reject votes are visible as the green and red 0 respectively next to the padlock icon)
  3. Selecting the Approve or Reject button will open up a short questionaire to provide rationale for choice.

If Necessary, Add New Evidence Using the "Evidence Detail" Panel

  1. Click on "New Evidence".
  2. In the window appearing, fill all relevant information on the literature citation and context.

The Community Activity Portal Provides a Summary of All Network Activities

Activity panel indicates recent actions taken among all networks.

In particular you can see your activity, and under certain circumstances may delete evidence you created.

The Leaderboard Provides Information On The Top 10 Users and Your Personal Ranking

User Profile - Points, Rank, Badges Earned And Activity Summary

Access to your profile by cliking on your username.

  1. Shows your rank in the current open challenge.
  2. Shows your overall rank since your registration in the challenge, which may include more than 1 wave.
  3. Shows the number of points gained in the current open challenge.
  4. Shows the total number of points gained since your registration.
  5. Shows the number of evidences you created (if you create and then delete an evidence, it will not be counted).
  6. Shows the number of edges you created.
  7. Shows the number of times you voted on an evidence.
  8. Click to display tips to earn more points.
  9. Your own activity feed, including date, type of activity, challenge wave (current is 2), and number of points given.
  10. All badges you earned already.
  11. More badges to earn.