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Exploring Community-Wide Network Activity

The NVC website contains a designated area where all actions related to network verification are aggregated and displayed as a "feed." This serves to facilitate user engagement in networks of heightened activity based on community-wide verification.
This tutorial outlines the features of the "Community" available for all users.

Select the "Community" Tab From the NVC Header to Access the Overview Page

The Community Activity Portal Provides a Summary of All Network Activities

  1. Activity panel indicates recent actions taken among all networks.
  2. Leaderboard provides concise summary of top users, based on number of points earned.

Activity Panel Displays Recent Network Activities As Aggregated Collection from All Users

If Desired, Select A Network From the Drop-Down Menu To Filter Actions Relevant Only To That Network

If Desired, Select Specific Types of Action Items From the Drop-Down Menu To Filter List

Select Edge Action to Display Associated Edge Evidence

"Evidence Detail" Dialog Box Displays Edge and Associated Evidence

  1. Edge relationship is indicated.
  2. "Votes" displays most recent actions taken regarding selected edge.

You can then follow the usual procedure to vote on the evidence.

The Community Leaderboard Portal Displays The Current Top-User Rankings

The Leaderboard May Be Sorted Based On Types Of Action Completed