General Help

  • Registering for participation in Network Verification Challenge (NVC) is required to access full functionality of the interface.
    This tutorial outlines the steps necessary to complete a new-user registration.

  • Multiple options exist within the NVC portal for users to quickly locate networks of interest and begin the edge review process.
    This tutorial outlines the four primary methods by which networks may be selected for verification.

  • Once a user has selected a network of interest, the model framework is loaded into the Network Viewer environment. Edges may then be selected and associated scientific evidence verified.
    This tutorial outlines the steps necessary for accessing and reviewing the scientific evidence associated with edges within this viewer panel.

  • One feature of the Network Viewer environment is the ability to add new edges to a selected network that expand the biological pathway of interest.
    New edges added will appear in the list for other users to review.
    This tutorial outlines the steps necessary for adding new edges within the Network Viewer environment.

  • The NVC website contains a designated area where all actions related to network verification are aggregated and displayed as a "feed." This serves to facilitate user engagement in networks of heightened activity based on community-wide verification.
    This tutorial outlines the "Community" features available for all users.

  • The user profile page provides a summary of network activities and detailed summary of points earned throughout the Challenge.
    This tutorial outlines how to access the profile page and how to update information stored in the profile when necessary.

  • How can I activate network download?

    Networks can be downloaded after earning the Network Download badge. Activate Network Download by adding 20 votes or 1 evidence. Download links will show up on each Network page.

    Alternatively, you can point your browser to CausalBionet.com to download the original network in various formats.